Ceramic Flooring and stone flooring is always fashionable with its classic beauty, lifetime durability and ease of maintenance. You can select from the trendiest stone looks from around the world as well as an extensive assortment of porcelain tile and design patterns.


Linoleum is a floor covering made from solidified linseed oil (linoxyn) in combination with wood flour or cork dust over a burlap or canvas backing. Pigments may be added to the materials used. In modern lay parlance, linoleum is often incorrectly used to describe vinyl flooring. The finest linoleum floors, known as 'inlaid', are extremely durable; they are made by joining and inlaying solid pieces of linoleum. Cheaper patterned linoleum's came in different grades or gauges, and were printed with thinner layers which were more prone to wear and tear. Good quality linoleum is sufficiently flexible to be used in buildings in which more rigid material (such as ceramic tile) would crack. Linoleum is water resistant, resilient, and easy maintenance